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    Termites are cockroach-like insects that belong to the cockroach community and are believed to be the descendants of cockroaches. They typically eat leaf litter, dirt, wood, or animal dung, which are all dead plant materials. Termites are often used in natural medicines, and they have also been used in medical research. The termite gut has sparked a slew of research projects aimed at replacing fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly, green energy sources. However, the damage they can do in a matter of hours is terrifying. They can invade your furniture and cause huge losses in Geelong every year. Termites are elusive, which means they rarely come to the forefront, making them impossible to detect.

    Natural Pest Control Melbourne is the number one Termite Control Geelong company. We strive for 100% termite containment and removal with the help of our local termite technicians. Our pest control experts use environmentally friendly chemical products that are good for your family’s health. Our termite extermination process guarantees complete termite eradication.

    Reasons why Termites are a threat!

    Termite destruction is more serious than the destruction caused by hurricanes, explosions, and other natural disasters.

    Homeowners insurance rarely covers the cost of termite-related losses.

    They make the home’s climate unsanitary.

    Termites strike trees (primarily crops) during the dry season as well. Farmers lose money as a result of this.

    Anything made of wood in your homes, such as chairs, doors, drawers, and showpieces, is likely to be destroyed if a termite colony strikes it. Money is lost as a result of this.

    Termites can also spread a variety of diseases. As a result, they pose a constant threat to the health of your family members, including children who are constantly on the move.

    Termite Control Geelong Treatment

    1. Chemical Soil Treatment

    Applying a solvent to the soil around the perimeter of a foundation and beneath cement flooring is known as a chemical soil treatment. Our termite control Geelong exterminator is highly qualified and certified to protect your home or company, erect an effective fence, and cause the least amount of damage to your property and its surroundings. For termite control Geelong, our professional Termite Control Geelong Technicians use the most up-to-date equipment.

    2. Termite Detection System

    When a property has a termite infestation or to check for potential infestation, termite tracking stations are mounted. Every 2-3 months, termite infestation surveillance should be performed. Termite activity and infestation are removed, and the chance of termites invading the property is reduced, thanks to the monitoring process.

    3. Termite Baiting

    Termite baiting is a new and environmentally safe way of termite containment. Termite baits are the most effective way to get rid of termites within a structure. Termite bait is put inside a bait station. It offers an early warning system for termites threatening to invade your home by adding a termite detection system inside the house and into the soil surrounding it.

    4. Termite Nest Destruction

    Do not be worried if your home is being attacked by termites! Our expert technician can use the most up-to-date methods to eradicate termite infestation. We move quickly to eliminate the termite colony in your house.

    5. Termite Dusting

    This approach aims to eliminate the termite colony. Dusting is commonly used as the first step in the process of eliminating termite presence in the household. When a sufficient amount of termites can be covered with dust, the dusting process is a highly professional technique that works well with high levels of termite infestation. For more accurate performance and lower toxicity, we use the appropriate dust.

    6. Termites: How to Spot Them

    Termites of various forms have varying patterns and pose different threats to your home. Look into it if you haven’t already.

    7. Hollow or paperysounding wood 

    When you knock on a termite-damaged patch, it sounds hollow or papery. It is because the wood inside has been burned away.

    8. Tunnels in the wood

    One of the most prominent symptoms of termites is tunnels in the wood, which are mostly made of mud or termite droppings. Termites find refuge and safety in mud caves, and they will fly undetected.

    9. Headbanging

    Quiet clicking noises emanating from the walls are one sign of termites. When the colony is disturbed, soldier termites bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies to alert the other termites. The worker termites eat woodwork and make a lot of noise. You can hear termites munching away if you place your ear close to infested wood.

    Tips for Termites Protection Geelong

    After getting termite treatment Geelong, following preventive measures helps in the protection of your property for a long time. Here’s what you should do:

    • Fix leakages immediately, as termites look for a moist place for their survival
    • Fill up the cracks in the walls and foundation for reducing termite access.
    • Make sure huge trees aren’t too close to your house. The roots should be far away from the foundation of your property.
    • Avoid storing wood debris and firewood near your house.
    • The soil around your house should be dry. Make sure to maintain the drainage system from time to time.
    • Make sure the vents’ openings remain free from blockage.
    • Keep a check on your backyard, and look for termite infestation periodically.

    Rely on Natural Pest Control Geelong for effective solutions. Get rid of termites without any hassle and that too at affordable prices!

    Pre-purchase Property Inspection For Termites

    At, Natural Pest Control Geelong we offer pre-purchase inspection of the property. Our certified specialists visit your site and thoroughly inspect the condition of the property. We cover the subfloor, roofs, interior, backyard, ground, and exterior of the building for inspecting of termites.

    Our Termite Inspection Involves:

    Apart from physical and visual verification of the termites’ infestation, our technicians also use modern devices for effective inspection and pest control Geelong!

    • The use of sounding tools helps in testing the condition of the wood.
    • We use modern moisture detectors for locating spaces with excessive moisture. Termites get attracted to moisture hence, the early identification can help in digging deeper.
    • Our movement detectors provide information about the termite movements if there are any.
    • Borescopes helps in taking photographs from inside the timbers.

    We provide a detailed report of the termite type, infestation level, the destruction caused, and the reason behind termite infestation. Our report come attached with photographs for better evidence.

    Investment in a property is a huge decision. Hence, make sure you are spending your money wisely. Feel free in getting your property inspected for termite pest control Geelong. Contact us today for more information!

    Termite Control Geelong Cost

    We’ll give you an quote along with a comprehensive care plan and all the details you need to get rid of termites in your house. We’ll create a termite care schedule that’s right for you, so you can trust our Termite Control Geelong procedures and techniques.

    Natural Pest Control Geelong is a reputable Geelong pest control company. We work with all types of pest control, regardless of how out of hand the problem is. So, you should contact Natural Pest Control Geelong, and we will provide you with excellent termite care at a reasonable price. If you encounter termites, contact our termite management team right away.

    Termite Control Geelong FAQ

    1. Is it possible to get rid of termites for good?

    Although you won’t be able to completely eradicate termites from the world, you can help deter them from taking up residence in your home and manage any active colonies in the region. While it might be enticing to pursue termite management on your own, it is safest to leave prevention and care to the experts.

    2. Is it possible for you to regulate termites on your own?

    Apply Termiticide to a Trench

    This termite management project can be done at home and is very effective. Fill a trench with a foam-based non-repellent termite insecticide and dig it around the whole issue area. Termites will not be scared away from it because it is non-repellent; instead, they will continue to pass through it and die.

    3. What is the odour that termites despise?

    A natural pesticide that can deter termites is mint. Mints emit a heavy odour, and termites may flee if they come into contact with them. Instead of using the most toxic ingredients, mints may be used to successfully repel termites.

    4. Is baking soda effective against termites?

    Baking soda has little impact on termites and is unlikely to consume them. Another common termite care fallacy is the use of vinegar, which, like baking soda, is ineffective.

    5. When it comes to termite management, how long does it last?

    Termite control lasts around five years on average. Termite bait stations can last one year and must be operated regularly, while liquid termite treatment will last up to five years.

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