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    If you notice wasps or bees hovering on your premises, it is time to eliminate the pests and relocate them safely. Do you know that European wasps are more aggressive in nature? Many customers cannot identify this wasp species, which increases the risk of getting stung.
    At Natural Pest Control Melbourne, we provide safe and effective wasp control services, maintaining all the local regulations. Our pest controllers are available 24/7, so if you need an urgent appointment, please call us for a same-day booking and take advantage of our eco-friendly advanced pest treatment.

    Key Facts of European Wasp Removal Melbourne

    • European wasps do not have natural predators in Australia because they are introduced as wasp species.
    • European wasps are more aggressive than natural wasps and bees in Australia.
    • Relocating wasp nests is the best way to eradicate infestations instead of using poisonous insecticides.

    Do you know more than 10,000 species of wasps exist in Australia? Some are barely visible to the naked eye like tiny diapriid wasps, whereas others like Cicada-Killer wasps can catch large prey. Most of them have carnivorous larvae that feed on other insects and spiders. The adult wasps help the larvae to provide food and shelter.

    The European wasp (Vespula Germanica) is native species of North Africa, Asia and Europe. They prefer warm temperatures, so European wasps find a preferred climate in Australia, but in Europe, only queen wasps survive in cold winters.

    European wasps are more aggressive than native bees and wasps. They prefer to live around humans because they need a sufficient food supply!

    Wasp Removal Melbourne


    Characteristics of the European Wasp

    10mm – 15mm in length

    The queen is 15mm-20mm long

    They have a yellow body with black triangle marks.

    Yellow legs

    One pair of long black antennae

    Life Cycle

    When males die in the winter, the queen usually builds new nests. After that, the queen hatches new eggs. Larvae grow in a few stages, and it takes around one month, depending on the temperature and availability of food.

    The larval forms a cocoon in the nests and develops into an adult within two weeks. Some turn into workers and start the construction of nests in the warmer months.

    They perform several tasks both outside and inside the nests for survival. The workers take care of the larvae, collect nest materials, and find food for the larvae while older wasps guard the nest entrance.

    Towards the end of a season, workers build larger cells in the nests for males and queens and fly back to start new nests. In Europe, the nests disintegrate in winter, but the nests continue to grow in warmer Australian climates.

    Difference between European Wasps and Native Wasps

    Many harmless wasps species can be mistaken as European wasps; they are about 15mm in length with a yellow-coloured body. The native wasps, known as paper wasps, are usually longer and thinner with orange-brown antennae. They also help in pollination and control of the pest population in a garden. Paper wasps are usually seen hovering around water sources and bushes. European wasps usually do not hover; they fly quickly.

    Most Australian wasp species do not live in colonies; they prefer to live solitarily in cracks and holes. These species do not attack humans. Paper wasps’ nests are usually above ground and smaller than European wasps’ nests.

    Difference between European Wasps and Honey Bees

    Many customers mistakenly identify honey bees as European Wasps because of their similar characteristics and behaviour. However, European wasps are more aggressive than honey bees and attracted towards food and drink, whereas honey bees are attracted towards flowers and can be used for farming and gardening.

    Characteristics Bees Both Wasps
    Stringers Worker honey bees die after sting Aggressive in nature Do not die after stinging a predator
    Body Hairy, rounded body Looks similar Slender and smooth
    Legs Hairy Looks similar Few hairs
    Food Pollen and nectar No difference Other insects

    Bees play an important role in our ecology. If you are facing issues with pests, we encourage you not to use toxic pesticides. Instead, consult a wasp removal Melbourne company to safely relocate the bee hives.

    How to Locate the Wasp Nest

    Wasp Pest Control

    European wasps usually make nests with saliva and chewed wood pulp that makes the wall of the nests look papery. European wasps also constructed nests with mud. They prefer to build nests both above and in the ground.

    It is important to locate the nests to reduce the wasps’ infestations because they can spread half a kilometre from their shelter in search of food and drink. Wasps pest control Melbourne professionals use natural baits to track back the nests by placing food in an outdoor location. Unlike honey bees and native wasps, European wasps usually fly virtually in a straight line from their nests. Professionals search the nearby areas with advanced tools to identify the nests.

    Where Can You Find Wasp Nests on Your Premises?

    You can usually find the wasps’ nests in the following places:

    In the Ground Nests

    • Any hidden areas of your premises
    • Holes in the gardens, walls and basements.
    • In heaps and wooden furniture

    Above the Ground Nests

    • Roof
    • Wall cavity
    • Any sheltered parts of a building.

    Effective Chemical Treatment for Wasp Removal Melbourne

    The most common methods are to apply chemical-based pesticides to eradicate them. Do you know that a wrong application may lead to a threat to the local community? Many pesticides available in the market claim to be effective against wasps and bees, but there are certain risks associated with the task. The experts suggest applying such treatment in the morning or night when wasps are less active. Experts also use a red filter torch (yellow torch attracts the wasps) and protective gear to conduct such risky steps. Please consult with wasp control services if you are facing such issues.

    Tips to Prevent Wasp Attacks on Your Premises

    The following tips are effective if you face frequent wasps attacks on your premises.

    • Do not leave fallen fruits and vegetables in your garden.
    • Do not leave pet food or dog bones open.
    • Clean the trash bins and bags regularly.
    • Cover the swimming pool when not in use.

    Symptoms of a Wasp Sting

    European wasps do not treat predators well! The symptoms of stings depend on individual tolerance. Most people face allergic reactions, which are minor symptoms, and it can be an anaphylactic shock in severe cases.

    Wasps usually attack the person who does not use preventive measures for such a task. Do not apply chemicals if you do not know how to apply a preferred method for wasp pest control; Melbourne experts use advanced tools because wasps use a scent chemical (pheromone) to call other colony members in case of a potential threat. Moreover, European wasps can string multiple times, unlike honey bees, which can sting only once.

    Wasp Pest Control

    Minor Symptoms

    Initially, it causes sharp pain and a burning sensation followed by swelling with a white mark in the middle of the perimeter.

    Wasp Pest Control

    Major Symptoms

    In severe cases, it leads to extreme redness and swelling. It can increase even after two days of being stung. If major symptoms persist, it is recommended to consult with a physician as early as possible. Only a few people face anaphylactic shock after the initial sensation; in such a case, you need urgent medical assistance.

    How to Avoid Getting Stung?

    It is painful! Remember the following suggestions if you face the such situation:

    • If you find a wasp near you, do not panic! Move the wasp away slowly.
    • Do not try to swat them with arms; it makes them more aggressive.
    • Do not use pesticides or hair sprays to get rid of them.
    • Avoid wearing floral patterned clothes, especially in bright daylight.
    • Always keep your food covered when you are outdoors.
    Wasp Pest Control

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