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    Common Species of Spiders in Melbourne

    Do you know that spider inspection Melbourne technicians believe there are more than 200 species of spiders? They thrive in various conditions. Some species of spiders are found in houses, whereas outdoor spiders prefer damp and warm conditions, and insects are their primary food source. Huntsman, wolf and white-tail spiders are more dangerous than others, so if you find a spider infestation, do not hesitate to contact an expert!

    Do You Need to Call a Pest Controller for Spiders?

    If you are experiencing an uncontrollable number of spiders living in your house, please contact us. We will resolve all the queries you might have about spider control Melbourne or help you find a solution that is appropriate for your needs.

    At Natural Pest Control Melbourne, we provide professional spider removal services in and around Melbourne.

    Red-Back Spider The spider has a pea-shaped body with orange and red stripes in the abdomen. These Red-Backs weave webs around your house, plants and furniture.

    White Tail Spider This dark grey-coloured spider has white spots at the bottom of the stomach. Whitetail spider infestation can be a threat to human beings because they bite and thrive in the indoor atmosphere.

    Black House Spider These dark brown or black spiders create webs in the interior of your home or the dark corners of windows, sheds, fences or walls.

    Huntsman Spider The Huntsman is usually grey or brown and has large long legs. The name suggests this species is more aggressive. Huntsman spider infestation can be found outside (garden) and inside (drawing room) of your premises.

    Wolf Spider Wolf spiders are brown and grey in colour. They prefer dark and moist areas to hide. Such infestation can be found in the dark corners of a room.

    Brown Trapdoor Spider Trapdoor spiders have a dull brown colour and light golden fine hairs. They are typically found in burrows.

    Orb-weaving Spider A grey, reddish-brown spider with a leaf-like design in its abdomen, creates sticky wheel-shaped webs between shrubs and trees in areas where insects fly.

    Spider Pest Control

    What to Do If You Have Found Spider Infestation?

    Generally, spiders hide in dark areas. That is why regular vacuuming is necessary. You can also spray safe pesticides around your premises to prevent pest infestation. Spiders are a common issue in all residential and commercial premises, you can eliminate them for minor issues, but sometimes the situations go beyond the control, where spider control Melbourne professionals play a vital role in eliminating the issue from your premises. It is more important for commercial premises, especially in hospitality businesses, because spider infestation reduces the foot traffic in restaurants and lodging leading to lower bottom lines.

    Consult with one of our spider inspection Melbourne experts for pest treatment in your residential or commercial premises. One of our specialist teams will reach your location shortly.

    Why Choose Natural Pest Control?

    With more than 20 years of experience working in the industry, we understand the unique needs of our clients, so we can ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    Licensed pest control technicians perform all pest treatments. We know all the regulations of the local authorities.

    Our members use certified, safe products and state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the issue as early as possible.

    Our professionally trained technicians recommend the best method considering all your requirements.

    We are open 24/7 to offer same-day pest control service to all residential and commercial clients.

    Our experts offer affordable pest control service and provide an upfront quote after an initial inspection.


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    1. Are the spiders in the house harmful?

    In rare cases are the ones found in houses harmful and poisonous.

    2. What are the species of spiders residents of Australia familiar with?

    Brown recluse, black widow, white-tailed spider, red-back spider, huntsman spider, common house spider are few commonly found species in Australian homes.

    3. How many times professional treatment is advised to be carried out for spider control in a year?

    Professional treatment once a year is enough to keep the spiders in your house at bay.

    4. Will the carpet or flooring get stained with your chemical agents?

    No, the flooring would not get stained with the chemical agents we use. The cleaning agents are non-toxic and biodegradable.

    5. Will I see a spider or any other insect after the treatment is done?

    Yes, you may still see some spiders and insects coming out of their hideouts for at least a month following the treatment. Since it is impossible to target all pests in one session. Spiders and insects that did not come in contact with the insecticide or chemicals would not die unless they eventually come in contact with the insecticide solution.

    6. What are the payment methods you accept?

    We accept payment via credit card, cash or cheque. Call Natural Pest Control Melbourne today!

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