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    Damage Caused by Silverfish

    These tiny insects run to safety when disturbed, and there is a high risk of you hurting yourself while chasing them down. They love to hide in crevices and crack and can be difficult to remove. Silverfish infestation can affect a person in several ways:

    • Silverfish are nocturnal and can be difficult to spot during the day.
    • They build their colonies near the food supply.
    • They chew on everything from clothes to books to food and wallpaper.
    • They feed a lot on silk, yarn, wool, glue, paper, etc., and may destroy them entirely.
    • The bites make holes and leave yellow stains on the material.
    • They dwell in the pipes and plumbing, causing damage to it.
    • Silverfish even cause allergies in humans.
    • Their presence can induce asthma.
    • They can live within the walls and ceilings for up to eight years, making your home their permanent nest.
    • They attract other predators such as spiders and cockroaches that can spread diseases in the house.
    • Further, they even spoil cereals, bread, and other food items inside the sealed packages.
    • Call our silverfish control Melbourne team and eradicate these pesky insects from your home and importantly your life.

    Ways to Identify Silverfish Infestation

    Silverish hides in the day and comes out at night for food, making it difficult to spot. However, at Natural Pest Control Melbourne, we have technicians that are experts in identifying and stopping silverfish infestation.
    Here are a few signs that given by our qualified silverfish control Melbourne team to identify infestation in the house:


    Silverfish bites can cause holes in the wallpaper, clothes, and other valuables. Hence, if you notice holes in your favourite linen, it is high time to call our Silverfish control Melbourne team.

    Tiny faeces and cast skin

    If you notice pepper-like faeces and cast skin, then there is a high chance that your house is infested by silverfish. At the first sign of infestation, call Natural Pest Control Melbourne. Call to find more about the services.

    Yellowish stains

    Silverfish causes yellow stains on fabrics, wallpapers, and books.

    Check clothes for signs of infestation

    Silverfish eat cotton, silk, and linen. So, inspect your closets and look for signs of infestation.

    Check places that have glue

    Silverfish loves to feed on gum and glue. Look at the furniture joints and other areas where there might be glue.

    Check moisture areas

    Silverfish prefers staying in moist places such as sink, bathtubs, and washbasins. Therefore, look for these areas for infestation.

    Cardboard boxes

    Cardboard boxes, bookbinding, and magazines are among the favourite places to stay in. Hence, look at these places to ensure that you do not have silverfish infestation.

    Tips to Eradicate Silverfish

    Silverfish infestation can happen even in the cleanest house. But there are a few ways in which you can prevent silverfish infestation.

    Maintain humidity levels

    Silverfish thrives in humid conditions. Thus, maintain the ideal moisture in the house to prevent silverfish infestation. Here are a few steps to reduce the moisture in the house:

    Prevent leakages in the house.

    Maintain proper ventilation throughout the house.

    Avoid water accumulation anywhere in the house.

    It is advised to use a humidifier to maintain the ideal humidity.

    Use a vacuum to clean the crevices and cracks within the walls and remove silverfish from their harbourages.

    Store food items properly

    Silverfish feeds on starch. Therefore, the food item should be stored in a sealed container to control silverfish infestation.

    Removal of their habitat sites

    Fill the window cracks, cabinets, etc., with caulk and make these spots less inhabitable to silverfish.

    Sun dry things

    Dry the things kept in a stored area under the sun to prevent mould formation which attracts silverfish.

    Non-Chemical Silverfish Control treatment:

    Borate-based products and diatomaceous earth products are effective in eliminating these pests.

    Other Silverfish Control Methods

    Cyper WP

    Cyper WP is a powder-based product that is wettable and can be easily seen on dark surfaces. Spread this powder on the baseboard and entry points.

    Pro-Active Silverfish Control Spray

    Apply the pro-active silverfish control spray in all the areas and let the product dry completely. Apply the chemical to the floor junction below the washing machine and on the wall for 30 days to ensure that silverfish infestation is effectively handled.

    Just a note of caution, keep children and pets away from the areas, as they may consume the product accidentally and cause harm.


    Using dust is another effective way to eliminate silverfish from the premises. Spread dust in the most common hiding spots such as behind refrigerators, ovens, attic insulation, electric outlets, and light fixtures. Further, you can even use D-fense dust and Cimexa Dust to prevent silverfish infestation.


    If you are tired of all the methods, then you can try silverfish baits. They eat baits and die on the spot. You can use baits such as Intice Perimeter 10, Invict Xpress, or others.

    You can use the above-mentioned methods to prevent silverfish from returning to your establishment. However, if you are finding it difficult to control the infestation or the infestation has gone out of control, call Natural Pest Control Melbourne. Call and our technicians will do the rest.

    Natural Pest Control is a leading Pest control specialist in Melbourne and its surroundings. We have technicians that are licensed and experts in dealing with all types of pest.

    Contact us on to know more about the silverfish control Melbourne service.

    Tips to Control Silverfish Infestation

    Silverfish infestation can be challenging to remove or control. But can follow the below-mentioned tips to prevent infestation in your establishment.

    Always throw away trash and litter.

    Avoid keeping paper piles in dark and damp places.

    Keep your library and bookshelves clean, and check for visible signs of silverfish.

    Fill the cracks in storage rooms, attics, garages, and other places where silverfish can build the colony.

    Store food items in airtight containers.

    Do not let paper trash accumulate in the storeroom or office.

    Hire a professional such as Natural Pest Control Melbourne for early detection and prevention from silverfish infestation.


    How to get rid of silverfish?

    Removing silverfish is a challenging task, as these tiny pests hide if disturbed. If you are looking for a comprehensive silverfish removal solution, call Natural Pest Control now!!!

    Why do silverfish come into the house?

    They come to seek shelter, and houses offer them the most ideal conditions to survive for a long time.

    What do silverfish eat in the house?

    Silverfish feed on gum, food items, paper, cardboard, magazines, clothes, etc.

    Can silverfish bite human beings?

    No, Silverfish has small and weak teeth, incapable of biting humans.

    How do silverfish enter the house?

    They enter the house from soil, grass, or vegetation present in the garden or outskirts of the home.

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