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    Welcome to Natural Pest Control, Melbourne’s most trusted name in possum control. Living in our stunning coastal capital, we understand that possum infestations can disrupt your peaceful life. Whether it’s a ringtail or brushtail possum nesting in your roof, entering your property, or simply causing an unwanted ruckus in the night, our team of professional possum removal experts is here to help.
    In Melbourne, possum removal can be a complex task, requiring expert knowledge and experience. Our pest control company, with a year’s experience in possum removal, understands the intricacies of this operation. We are the go-to possum removal in melbourne, known for our team of possum removal professionals, who are experts in evicting possums.
    At our core, we believe in humane and ethical methods, ensuring a smooth process for both the animals and the homeowners. Our possum removal melbourne service doesn’t just include the physical removal, but also identifies and secures potential entry points to your home to prevent future intrusions.
    We’ve even broadened our expertise to include rats, as part of our comprehensive pest control strategies. Choose our possum removal services in Melbourne, and allow our professionals to put their expertise into action, assuring you a possum-free and peaceful home.
    Our dedicated possum catchers possess years of experience in the field, uniquely understanding the habits and behaviours of these nocturnal pests. Not only do we employ humane methods to catch and remove possums, but we also specialise in possum proofing and deterrence measures. With us, it’s not just about the removal of possums, it’s also about ensuring they don’t return.
    possum removal melbourne

    With a keen understanding of the Wildlife Act 1975, we offer professional, legal, and reliable possum control services to safeguard your Melbourne home or business from these agile intruders. Whether you need immediate assistance for a dead possum, a possum in your roof, or you suspect there might be a possum nest, our emergency possum removal is on hand.
    Our local focus means we’re just a ‘contact us’ away. You can trust Natural Pest Control Melbourne to take control of your possum problem and restore tranquillity to your Melbourne property.

    What attracts possum?

    • Hollow trees: Possum’s favorite resting area is a hollow tree.
    • Eucalyptus leaves: Apart from eucalyptus leaves, possum loves passion fruit and roses as well.
    • Nighttime: Possum remains active throughout the night especially in the initial time. They search for food from the evening.
    • Nest Boxes: these rodents can live alternatively in the nest boxes around the house.
    Possum Removal

    What keeps possum away?

    Possum Removal
    • Thorny plants: Possum remains away from plants with thorns and spikes.
    • Smelly plants: Plants like mints, geraniums, and daisies are disliked by a possum.
    • Light-up areas: Possum don’t roam around in a well-light area.

    Types of Possum Commonly Spotted in Melbourne

    Common Ringtail Possum

    These possums are grey in color and have off-white patches under the stomach and eyes. The weight of ringtail possum remains around 500 to 1100 grams and is usually 30 to 35 cm long. Their tail has a white tip with immense strength and bare teeth are their best attributes.

    Common Bush-tail Possum

    The name of these possums is driven from their brush-like tails. These nocturnal pests are a native species of Australia. Usually, these possums have black, grey, or a combination of both colors. Bush-tail possum is commonly found in Australia and loves to feed on eucalyptus leaves.

    Fun Facts about Possum

    • Possum feces are lethal and generate flesh-eating ulcers. Exposure to possum feces leads to long-term diseases and disability.
    • Killing possum in Australia is illegal. Rely on the professional services of Natural Pest Control Melbourne for proper possum disposal.
    • Possum may act dead or show their teeth by standing and displaying their defensive behavior.
    • These animals carry deadly germs and are harmful to humans.

    Professional Services for Possum Removal Melbourne

    Possums are protected species in Australia, but they bother residents every then and now. Mostly possum dies on their own by getting trapped in confined spaces, eating pest baits, or being attacked by other animals. The carcass of possum releases an unpleasant smell for over 60 days. In such cases, seek help from Natural Pest Control MelbourneOur customer support services remain available 365 days a year.

    Possum infestation and the Signs to Understand

    As possum loves eating eucalyptus leaves, they roam around in the garden and destroy plants. When you notice plant destruction, take it as a sign of possum infestation and seek services for possum removal Melbourne.

    Notice if you can hear screeching sounds during evening hours. Possum communicates in such a way, so it is easier to detect.

    Possum release unpleasant smell that is another indication of their presence. Also, they leave claw marks wherever they roam.

    Search during night time with a torchlight, the eyes of possum reflect at night. Additionally, bite marks on vegetables are another sign of possum. Feel free in contacting Natural Pest Control Melbourne for immediate help.

    Measures to Follow After Spotting Possum Infestation

    Possum Removal
    • Identify the entrance points of the possum and block them.
    • Possum release a certain smell that helps in marking their territory. If you smell an odor inside your house, disinfect the area and sanitize it.
    • Try to trap the possum in wooden boxes after hanging it on the hollow trees.
    • Light up your backyard or any other place where you have noticed possums
    • For blocking possum from living in your house or trees, repair any kind of hole during the evening, while they are away in the food search.

    Services Provided by Natural Pest Control Melbourne

    • Locating dead possum in unreachable corners like a chimney
    • Identifying other pests infestation like rats and cockroaches
    • Removal of trapped or dead possum from different corners of the house
    • Sealing all the entrance sources for possum and other rodents
    • Adopting an eco-friendly process for possum removal and disposal
    Possum Removal

    Same-Day Possum Removal in Melbourne

    We, the team of Natural Pest Control Melbourne provide outstanding services of possum removal all across Melbourne. Our licensed, skilled and experienced professionals are always available for your rescue.
    We use advanced tools and effective methods for locating, removing and disposing of possum from commercial and residential premises. Our team understands the discomfort possum causes to the house, therefore you can rely on us. Talk with our expert for suggestions and booking of services.!
    The control of natural pests is equipped with a professional strategy for smoke removal services. We offer advantages of the removal of Same day Possum as dead fibrosis in Melbourne. We prepare the office of life without reservation and ensure a soft expulsion of monsters from your property.  As a Top Catcher Catcher de Melbourne, we have a profile system that removes possession of possessions from your property.

    Possum Inspection

    After accepting your request, our possum catcher in Melbourne will confirm a visit to your property and resolve the potential area of the house and around the house. We will probably distinguish between the degree of invasion, the degree of potential risks and the degree of potential hazards to stimulate. We will make you check the type of possum on your property. Two types of species that can be seen in Melbourne are pits of the brushtail and ringtail.

    Possum Removal Plan

    After the test, we will create a personalized administration of the same day as possible removal from your property. It combines the evacuation strategy, the timing of technology, the other approvals required by public authorities and some. We have an exploration and support group dedicated to the study of social expressions on goods and to investigate social expertise that deals with legitimate problems.

    Moving Processes Possum

    Our professional possum removal experts do not apply pressure, as they are deployed in the evacuation plan and get the uncomfortable sensation of your property. It then uses the wired network to use the generated part to use it according to the trap.  We always check the speaker early in the morning and deliver according to the rules of the Australian fauna. We follow these rules to provide secure packaging control in Melbourne.

    Preventing From further Damages

    Despite removal, it is important to monitor the possession of the environmental element. Due to annexed progress, stimulation can prevent stimulation in your property area. Insert the plastic boundaries around the tree so as not to climb trees. Pet Food Sources, which can control their development.
    Our possum control experts can help make traps to restrict your property and restrict new ways for the possum. Therefore, do not neglect the view of the strength of your place. Connect immediately with us for quick and safe possum control in Melbourne.

    You can also call us for dead possum removal services. Search for possum removal near me on the net to find us in the world of the web. Once you call us for live or dead possum removal in Melbourne, we respond to your call immediately and take super-quick action. Being the best possum catcher in Melbourne, we have got a name and reputation for our authentic work.
    We offer the finest possum removal services at an affordable range. All you have to do is, call us and talk to our staff about the situation. You can also ask for a quotation and emergency services if you want to eliminate the presence of possum from your place immediately.

    Advantages of Possum Removal Services

    By recruiting experts, you will dispose of possum effectively with no issue. Our experts arrive at the place on time and deal with the rest. We at Natural Pest Control have specialists that utilize explicit procedures to eliminate a possum from your place. These dead possum evacuation administrations are efficient and safe. Possums may lay on the floor and behave like dead creatures, so it is exceptionally hazardous for you to eliminate them from your place. Subsequently, employ experts and be protected.

    There can be more damages to your property by possums than you expect. The main reasons these animals can affect your well-being

    Possum has a microscope body that can bring the organization to eat ulcers.

    Possum Dropping can leave an impossible practice to attract individuals.

    In the local or regional area, the possum wants to live on the tree. As for the metropolitan area, it will try to make a house on the roof and harm the tiles on the roof. If they are approaching your home, they will try to eat the food, tearing ventilation and find protection, leaving stains and pointed perfume, and just try to start from the start.

    Possums can be dangerous for your pets, and you can regularly bring bugs and other insects.

    Do you know that it is illegal to kill possum in Australia, and you need a professional service to remove them safely? Possum has sharp teeth, and you cannot try protecting them or yourself while catching them. As a result, you do not have to freely try to withdraw. At Natural Pest Control Melbourne, we provide complete customer safety while offering the best possum removal services in Melbourne.

    Professional Possum Control & Removal in Melbourne

    Possums are native species that don’t do any immediate damage to people and consistently like to avoid individuals. In any case, they can altogether influence the soundness of people in various manners. Do you see any indications of possum close to your property and are looking for proficient possum pest control in Melbourne? If yes, then you should
    Having possum around your home and your greenhouse can be startling. These are wild creatures and look pretty only in nature. Having possum in the night is the most perilous thought. Be that as it may, relax. We at Natural Pest Control offer the best services of possum removal in Melbourne.
    We offer a customized treatment administration upon the arrival of your booking if you request our equivalent day administrations of possum removal in Melbourne. Our specialists give protected and compelling dead possum removal in Melbourne too. We convey the total arrangement to the customer before beginning the treatment or executing the strategy. In the wake of leading the dead possum removal administration, our specialists will visit your home and ensure there could be no harm. We believe in providing total responsibility for possum removal in Melbourne. We work 24 hours per day, 7 days seven days. We make you aware of everything in the house that might prompt possums. Our specialists additionally give preventive tips to forestall such circumstances in future.
    Natural Pest Control offers customized same day possum removal services too. With these benefits and arrangements, our experienced and trained professionals remove dead or live possum easily from your space. So, if you have spotted a possum nearby, connect with us immediately. We offer emergency services for dead possum removal in Melbourne. You can search for possum removal near me to find us on the internet.

    Our Services of Dead Possum Removal in Melbourne

    Regardless, if possums have been dead in your home, or close about, you get a foul scent for around two months. Moreover, there would be a gathering of flies over the body. You should call experts immediately when you get any of these signs. Our specialists are working 24×7 hours. We take out the dead possums with full prosperity. We use the best methodology to dispense with possums from your home or office region. Our specialists sanitize that place so no smell should be left there. Call us today, and we will eliminate the dead possums with no mischief at a moderate expense. Talk to our staff and your problem will be solved.

    Why hire Natural Pest Control Melbourne?

    • Get quick same-day and emergency services
    • Years of experience in possum removal Melbourne
    • Use of modern tools and effective methods
    • Highly qualified and licensed professionals
    • Use of safe chemicals
    • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
    • Affordable services all across Melbourne

    Frequently Asked Questions at Natural Pest Control Melbourne

    Q1. How do I remove a dead possum from the roof?
    Ans. You should seek professional help from Natural Pest Control Melbourne for removing dead possum. Our experts safely remove and dispose of dead possum from your roof.

    Q2. How to deal with alive possum roaming on my roof?

    Ans. Cut the tree branches or any other sources of climbing the rooftop, so possums don’t reach and roam around.

    Q3. Can possum damage my roof?

    Ans. Yes, the urine of possum leaves ugly yellow stains on the ceiling that releases a foul smell. They may dig holes in your ceiling as well.

    Q4. Does Natural Pest Control Melbourne kill possum?

    Ans. No. Possum killing is illegal in Australia. Hence, we don’t kill but dispose of them off to a safe place.

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