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Moths aren’t dangerous pests for households and humans. However, getting rid of them is important as their larvae eat fabric like cotton and wool. They also feed themselves with dry food like bread or pasta. These pests can be a nuisance and ruin many goods in your houses such as food, cloth and other items. So, you need to stop their snaking in your home or office instantly. For this, you need a professional hand. Natural Pest Control Melbourne is a famous company in Melbourne that provides excellent solutions to remove pest infestations from the root. We have been working in this field for years. Our experience, expert pest controllers and techniques makes us who we are today. Our customers are always satisfied with the result we provide. We understand that moth infestation is dangerous and destructive. You may suffer heavy losses due to this specific insect. But, not anymore, we are here to save you from the dangers caused by these tiny pests.

We are here to save you from annoying pests and for that, we send experts to your doorsteps. You do not need to do anything, just call us once and discuss the matter with our staff. You can book same day services for moth control Melbourne. Connect with our staff and be tension-free about those irritating moths at your home or office. We serve both commercial and residential areas. Call us without any hesitation.

Why Choose Us for Moth Control in Melbourne?

Natural Pest Control Melbourne is a certified company that provides top-notch services for moth control in Melbourne. Not only moths but we control all types of pests in a household and workplaces. Our staff is trained to provide the customers with satisfaction and complete safety.

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So, do not wait till the moths in your place waste all your food and damage the goods. Talk to our staff and book our services without any hassle. We are easily reachable and follow a simple booking system. You can get a quotation for the service for you to evaluate its cost. Let us solve this problem as soon as possible and make your place more hygienic.

How to Identify Australian Moths

Identifying moths can be tricky as they hide in remote places. Most of the time the damage is done even before you identify them. However, with keen observation, you can identify moths. Here are four types of moth infestations that you can identify:

Irregular holes in clothes are created by straw-colored wing moths. These can be larvae or adult moths.

Larvae with dark colored wings and three spots can damage your cloth with regular holes.

Adult moths with brown coloured wings and a few spots give birth to larvae and these larvae feast upon leather and woolen material.

Other than this moth larvae with speckled wings and white head destroy the food.

If you spot any one of the above-mentioned damages, then there can be moths in your house or office. Moth infestation can destroy food and clothes Also, they can cause allergies. So, if you spot them or have a doubt of their infestation at your place then call Natural Pest Control Melbourne. We will send experts to your doorsteps and they will take care of the rest.

Advantages of Moth Control Services

The advantage of moth control service is that you get rid of them and why do you need to get rid of these pests? Here is the answer:

Moths are annoying and these insects eat up the clothes and dry foods especially, carpets, blankets and other clothes.

You may face serious illness if you consume food contaminated by moths.

These tiny creatures spread rapidly and may touch everything inside the place.

It is difficult to spot moths as these pests are tiny and hidden in remote areas.

Moth larvae can cause some allergic irritation when they contact the skin. Some larvae can cause itching, blisters or rashes. It is best to remove them from your place and lead a peaceful life without pests.

These larvae or caterpillars can cause asthma attacks with their hairs.

By hiring us, you will get the advantage of leading safe and peaceful days without pests. Months usually enter the place by flying and are very difficult to identify and get rid of. Call us today and get rid of these destroyers. We at Natural Pest Control Melbourne thrive to provide the best moth control Melbourne.


1. How much time does it take for months to infest a structure?

Moths live only for two weeks. As their life span is less, they have a continuous breeding process. These moth’s larvae can also damage the surroundings. Hence, moths can infest a structure in a short period.

2. Are moths harmful to human health?

Moths are indirectly harmful to human health. If you eat moth containment food then there can be adverse effects. Also, moths can lead to allergies by direct contact with the skin. Caterpillar hair can cause asthma too.

3. How many types of moth species are found in Australia?

There are around twenty-two thousands of moth species in Australia.

4. What are the most common foods that can be infested by moths?

Grains, coffee, cereals, flour and bread, cocoa powder are the few common foods that can be infested by moths. If you eat this containment food then there can be health issues related to the stomach.

5. Why do I need professionals for moth control?

Professionals have experience and knowledge of controlling moths. They use specialised techniques, methods, and safe chemicals for moth control. By hiring professionals, you get guaranteed results. So, call us and book our professional moth control services in Melbourne. Remember, we are just a call away.

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