What Attracts Possum and How to Perform Possum Control Melbourne

You may have witnessed possums roaming in and around your property. The sight often leaves you wondering why possums are attracted to your house and garden. The experts of pest control Services in Melbourne have highlighted a few reasons why possums are getting attracted to your premises.

So, in case you are tired of DIYs and feeling disappointed with possum pest control Melbourne, consider getting at the roots of the cause. Understand a bit about possums and get rid of the things that attract them.

Your House Has Ideal Environment

Although possums prefer the outdoor environment, indoor areas are alternatively the best option for them. Possums may be living in trees and garden holes, but they also prefer living in the attics, garage, or basements.

These rodents prefer dark and high places, and your house happens to be their ideal preference. Even if there are crawl spaces inside the decks, possum can take shelter inside. So, if your house has an ideal environment for possums make sure to contact possum catcher Melbourne and get your property inspected.

1. Pet Food

If you have pets at home, and you leave food and water for them while you remain at work, then it can be a major reason why possums are interested in your house. Possums are more attracted to cat food. So, when you notice your pet’s dishes and water bowl clean, there are chances possum might be living inside your property.

Take care of your pets by contacting professionals for possum removal Melbourne. Get in touch with the experts for a better solution and make your home pest-free.

2. Bird Seeds

Possums aren’t picky eaters; they can eat anything they find. However, bird seeds are among their favorite foods. They often go out at night, in search of food. As possums live on trees, climbing them in search of bird seeds isn’t thrilling.

If you spot possums inside contact professionals for possum removal Melbourne!

How to Perform Possum Control Melbourne?

1. Use Repellant

You can use several types of possum repellant for the protection of your property. The use of quassia chips is among the most effective ways of getting rid of possums.

These rodents avoid strong scents. Ingredients like pepper, molasses, onion, garlic, mustard, and so on help drive possums away.

2. Trim Elongated Branches

Possums can enter your house through the elongated branches of the trees. If you have trees inside or around your house, make sure to get its branches trimmed from time to time.

Many a time, possum die from falling off the branches of the trees or getting stuck in the roof cavities. Make sure to get dead possum removal done by professionals. Avoid handling the situation alone as it can impose health risks on you and your loved ones.

3. Use Motion Light Sensors

Possums get scared from the bright light sources. So, if your property has possums living inside, make sure to get motion light sensors installed in your garden and roofs. The sudden flash of light scares away possums. They are unlikely to invade your area again.

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